AddOn End-User Experience

  1. Overview
  2. Examples
  3. Gif animations
  4. QR Code


AddOns provide end-users of BEE with additional functionality. If you are new to the concept for AddOns for BEE, please see AddOns Overview and AddOn FAQs.

This section of the documentation focuses on what that end-user experience looks like.  Here we will provide both existing and fictitious examples. Once more AddOns begin to be available, we will replace fictitious examples with real ones.


Gif animations

The first two AddOns available in our Directory, to be activated inside the Developer Portal, can be used to search and import GIFs and Stickers inside the editor. These AddOns are powered by GIPHY.

Once enabled, a new tile in the “Content” tab of the editor will be displayed. After dragging it onto the stage, clicking on the button will launch a GIPHY search dialog. Clicking on a GIF or sticker will import it instantly inside the content you’re editing.

Using AddOn in BEE

QR Code

Imagine that event marketers use a SaaS application to create engagement around their events. In the emails they send to remind people about an event they signed up for, they include a QR code to help ticket holders quickly get into the event venue. They do this by dragging and dropping the “QR Code” tile into the email.

Of course, they have no idea that “QR Code” is an addon for BEE. They simply use this cool, drag-n-drop editor to build their event marketing emails, and they’re happy to see “QR Code” as one of the content elements they see in the Content tab.

Let’s see how Jane, a hypothetical event marketer, will take advantage of this feature in the email editor.

Jane starts the editor to edit an event reminder email. She sees QR Code as a tile in the Content tab.

She drags and drops the tile where she wants it in the email.

The QR Code will be personalized for the ticket holder to which the email is sent, but she needs to specify which event it is for. The placeholder content that she sees in the email, in fact, prompts her to Select event.

When she clicks on Select event a modal window helps her navigate through the events she set up in the platform.

She selects the event and returns to the editor, which now shows a placeholder QR Code.

She can now set the size of the QR Code, adjust the amount of padding around it, enter alternate text in case the email is read in an email client that has images turned off, and save the message.