Configuration parameters

Once you have initialized your Beefree application, you can pass a series of configuration parameters to it.
The default configuration should be something like the following:

beeConfig: {
	uid: 'CmsUserName', // [mandatory]
	container: 'bee-plugin-container', // [mandatory]
	autosave: 30, // [optional, default:false]
	language: 'en-US', // [optional, default:'en-US']
	trackChanges: true or false, // [optional, default: false] 
	specialLinks: specialLinks, // [optional, default:[]] 
	mergeTags: mergeTags, // [optional, default:[]]
	mergeContents: mergeContents, // [optional, default:[]]
	preventClose: false, // [optional, default:false]
	editorFonts : {}, // [optional, default: see description]
	contentDialog : {}, // [optional, default: see description]
	defaultForm : {}, // [optional, default: {}]
	roleHash : "", // [optional, default: ""]
	rowDisplayConditions : {}, // [optional, default: {}]
    workspace: {  // [optional, default: {type : 'default'}]
        editSingleRow: false // [optional, default: false]},
    commenting: false, // [optional, default: false]}
    commentingThreadPreview: true, // [optional, default: true]}
    commentingNotifications: true, // [optional, default: true]}
    disableLinkSanitize: true, // [optional, default: false]}
	onSave: function(jsonFile, htmlFile) { /* Implements function for save */ }, // [optional]
	onChange: function(jsonFile, response) { /* Implements function for change */ }, // [optional]
	onSaveAsTemplate: function(jsonFile) { /* Implements function for save as template (only JSON file) */ }, // [optional]
	onAutoSave: function(jsonFile) { /* Implements function for auto save */ }, // [optional]
	onSend: function(htmlFile) { /* Implements function to send the message */ }, // [optional]
	onLoad: function(jsonFile) { /* Implements function to perform an action once the template is loaded */}, // [optional]
	onError: function(errorMessage) { /* Implements function to handle error messages */ } // [optional]
	onWarning: function(alertMessage) { /* Implements function to handle error messages */ } // [optional]

Here is a brief description of the parameters, events and methods:


Parameter Description Required Default
uid An alphanumeric string that identifies the user and allows the plugin to load resources for that user (e.g. images).
  • Min length: 3 characters
  • Can contain letters from a to z (uppercase or lowercase), numbers and the special characters _ (underscore) and – (dash)
  • It is a string and not a numeric value

It uniquely identifies a user of the Plugin. When we say “uniquely”, we mean that:

  • It will be counted as a unique user for monthly billing purposes.
  • Images (and other files) used by the user when creating and editing messages will be associated with it and not visible to other users (when using the default storage).
container Identifies the id of div element that contains BEE Plugin Yes
language 4-letter language identifier (e.g. “en-US”, ISO 639-1 format).

Available Languages

English: en-US
Spanish: es-ES
French: fr-FR
Italian: it-IT
Portuguese: pt-BR
Indonesian: id-ID
Japanese: ja-JP
Chinese: zh-CN
Traditional Chinese: zh-HK
German: de-DE
Danish: da-DK
Swedish: sv-SE
Poland: pl-PL
Hungarian: hu-HU
Russian: ru-RU
Korean: ko-KR
Dutch: nl-NL
Finnish: fi-FI
Czech: cs-CZ
Romanian: ro-RO
Norwegian (Bokmål): nb-NO
Slovenian: sl-SI
Hebrew: he-IL
No "en-US"
trackChanges Track message changes in the editor via the “onChange” callback. See “Tracking message changes” for further details. No false
specialLinks An array of custom links that may be used in the message (e.g. unsubscribe). See “extending the editor” for further details. No []
mergeTags An array of merge tags that may be used in the message (e.g. first name of the recipient). See “extending the editor” for further details. No []
mergeContents An array of content elements that may be used in the message (e.g. small blocks of HTML). See “extending the editor” for further details. No []
preventClose Whether an alert should be shown when the user attempts to leave the page before saving. No false

Customize the list of available fonts in the editor’s text toolbar and the BODY settings panel.
See “Font management” for further details.

No See “Font management” for the default object.

Identifies the user role:

  • Minimum length is 8, maximum is 30
  • Alphanumerical string only: No whitespaces, no special characters such as “_” and “-“

See “Roles and permissions” for further details.

No ""

Allows for conditional statements in email messages.
See “Display Conditions” for further details.

No {}

Configure the initial workspace for loading the editor. Currently used for AMP content visibility.
See “Workspaces” for further details.

No {type : 'default'}

Allows to exchange data with BEE Plugin using a UI layer you control.
See the “Content Dialog” page for the complete reference.

No {}

This should contain a structure object with the form data.
See “Passing forms to the builder” for further details.

No {}

Enables commenting on content blocks and rows. See Commenting for further details.

No false

Enables a pop-over preview on the stage for comments.

No true

Enables notifications of new comments in co-editing.

No true

Disables link validation for URLs, including telephone number or SMS to enable merge content use.

No false