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Allow handlebars logic in URL field for images
Openkay asked 2 weeks ago • 
19 views0 answers0 votes
Issue with HTML to PDF converter
OpenJean-Fran├žois asked 3 months ago • 
517 views0 answers0 votes
Display Condition builder
OpenVlad asked 4 months ago • 
560 views0 answers0 votes
Delete saved rows
AnsweredBenjamin answered 5 months ago • 
1714 views10 answers0 votes
Headline tags
AnsweredSteve answered 5 months ago • 
1401 views7 answers0 votes
Emoji Library
AnsweredStoo answered 5 months ago • 
1417 views1 answers0 votes
previewJSON method
OpenTimothy Hall asked 5 months ago • 
568 views0 answers0 votes
preventClose always asks even if not dirty
OpenTim Hall asked 5 months ago • 
559 views0 answers0 votes
New feature ? Expression lock
OpenMatthias JOSEPH asked 6 months ago • 
564 views0 answers0 votes
Add Tik Tok icon in the Social icons feature
OpenKristiyan Nikolov asked 6 months ago • 
573 views0 answers0 votes
Image file manager could use “move to folder”
AnsweredHaylie W answered 10 months ago • 
1033 views2 answers0 votes
Template theming
OpenMaxime Parenteau asked 11 months ago • 
1634 views0 answers0 votes
Custom/default color palette
AnsweredMassimo Arrigoni answered 1 year ago • 
1436 views3 answers0 votes