Partner AddOns | GIPHY GIFs and Stickers

  1. Bring the power of GIPHY inside Beefree SDK
  2. Installing and configuring the AddOns
  3. How the Giphy AddOns work
  4. Do you share any personal data with Giphy?
  5. Get in touch with us

Bring the power of GIPHY inside Beefree SDK

Giphy GIFs and Stickers are Partner AddOns, available for free in your Beefree SDK Console. They can be installed and enabled in your Application Configuration.

With these AddOns, your customers will be able to search and add GIFs and animated stickers within a builder application. After installing each AddOn, a new tile will be available in the “Content” section of the editor.

These AddOns are developed by BEE and powered by Giphy.

Installing and configuring the AddOns

  • Log into the Beefree SDK Console and click on Details for the application for which you want to install the AddOn.
  • In the Application configuration box in the lower right, click on AddOns.

Configure AddOns

  • Click on Browse AddOns, then click on either the GIFs by GIPHY or Stickers by GIPHY AddOn.
  • Click on Install; after a few moments, the configuration window will pop up.

Configuring AddOns

  • You may customize
    • Tile title
    • Tile icon – we recommend a 64 x 64 pixel SVG file
    • Content button text
    • Placeholder message
  • If you leave these fields empty, defaults will apply.
  • In the configuration, you’ll also see a “handle”, a unique identifier useful to pass information to the AddOn, if needed (e.g. initializing the AddOn in multiple languages, if your application has them). Further info on what handles are and how to use them are available here.
  • Once you’re done, turn on the Enable switch so that the AddOn becomes visible to the end users of your application.

Here is an example of customization:

Customize AddOn

Here is how it looks like in BEE:

Customized AddOn in BEE

How the Giphy AddOns work

Once enabled, a new tile in the “Content” tab of the editor will be displayed. After dragging it onto the stage, clicking on the button will launch a Giphy search dialog. Clicking on a GIF or sticker will import it instantly inside the content you’re editing.

Using AddOn in BEE

Do you share any personal data with Giphy?

When using the AddOn, the only data we pass to Giphy are the queries you type in the search dialog. No other data is transferred to Giphy.

Get in touch with us

For questions or inquiries about these AddOns, feel free to reach us at

Do you have an idea for a new AddOn? Are you interested in developing a Partner AddOn? We can’t wait to hear about it, drop us a line!