Sravan Kumar asked 2 years ago


I want to use my own file system storage using bee plugin.But I am completely confused about what is base url and username and password.Is it something like my aws location.Or can I give my local path also?.Do I need to use bee username and password.I dont know how this exactly work.I went through the below link.But I dont get any idea.Please help me as soon as possible.

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Heikki answered 2 years ago

Currently on FSP in Phython is available … —>

Is there any plan for PHP -version ?

Questions are still valid:

  • how to provide FSP API URL to your cloud ? Base URL to reach the FSP API.
  • how to provide password and username? Authorization Authentication used is Basic. A string formatted as username:password and encoded in base64 is passed

We have free account , so we are not even able to set up a custom FSP in our application settings. I suppose we provide API URL, username and password right there. Is that correct?

  • X-BEE-ClientId The ClientId (to identify the integrator) will be given to FSP API -point. Where is this ClientId given at first place ?

X-BEE-Uid The uid (ex. useful to identify the user of an integrator). Is this given editor configuration and later passed on to FSP API ?

beeConfig: {

uid: ‘CmsUserName’, // [mandatory]


Matt Weber answered 2 years ago

The first step is to build a file system provider (FSP) per the specifications in the FSP documenation. As you mentioned, we have a sample in Python, but we do not currently have one in PHP. The FSP you created will need to be hosted somewhere, and accessible via HTTPS. For example, you may want to host your FSP on Amazon Web Services, or Azure, but that’s up to you. The URL you use to access the fsp is what you will save in the developer portal settings. The username and password are the basic authentication credentials used to access your FSP, as explained here. The variable “X-BEE-ClientId” is the client id of your app, provided in the BEE Plugin configuration (you use this when you start the plugin). X-BEE-Uid is the “uid” provided in the BEE Plugin configuration.

Heikki answered 2 years ago


The question was, where the FSP username and password are given at first place.

All I see is "uid", right there,

"clientid" is not there, or not so much documented, or are you referring to "client_id", which is more like "appliction id", in that row , "YOUR_CLIENT_ID":

Matt Weber answered 2 years ago

Hi Heikki,
Those are correct.

  • X-BEE-Uid is the “uid” provided in the BEE Plugin configuration. This value is your choice:

  • X-BEE-ClientId is the client id of your app. When you initialize an instance of BEE Plugin within the application, you are required to authenticate who that application is by passing the application’s:

If you have not already done so, you can obtain your Client ID and Client Secret by creating a new application in the BEE Plugin developer portal.
I hope this helps!

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