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Jeffrey asked 2 years ago

Hi,Will we be able to save the JSON/HTML templates locally to be imported again at a later stage? Thus, application uses some API/plugin option to load a saved template, and in the same manner obtain the JSON/HTML from the plugin to be stored in our local Database.Use case:We want to build a set of dynamic templates which will be populated by an unknown number of items at some point in time. Currently we dynamically build up HTML based on on the number of products we want in an email and want to extend this by enabling a user to apply final styling before sending the email. From what I see we could build a template in the editor and use a \”merge content\” block as our placeholder. We will then need to save this template to be loaded again at a later stage after we replaced the placeholder with our own HTML block. Is this possible?

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Massimo Arrigoni answered 2 years ago

Hi Jeffrey,
That is exactly how the system works. Please see: where are messages saved.
You can trigger the Plugin to return to you the JSON, HTML or both, by using these methods:
We hope this helps!

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