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Ali asked 1 year ago


I’m currently experiencing an issue where the plugin hangs on the loading screen. I’m currently using the npm module of beefree. The plugin worked the first time i initalised it but now it just hangs on the loading screen.

Currently using this in an Angular app, using typescript with the beefree npm module.

We’re experimenting with different solutions for our business, we are currently on the free plan and will upgrade if we find this suitable.

Would be great if I can get some help with this.


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Trystan Clarke answered 1 year ago

I found it hangs sometimes depending on the template. It seems to work when loading the template json from one of there examples using an ajax request but didn’t work if I hardcoded in the template as a string…

            $.ajax( "", { dataType: 'json' } ).done( function ( template )


bee.start( beeConfig, template );

} );

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