DiscussCategory: General questionsButton is displayed wrong in Outlook (Windows)
Michael Pointl asked 1 year ago

For an unexpected reason the button breaks sometimes after you did some other changes inside a different textblock.

how it look:

how it should look:

If you copy the button and save it again the copied button works.

do you have any idea where this could come from?

2 Answers
Matt Weber answered 1 year ago

Hi Michael, if you have not already, please open a ticket. We need to review your JSON template. You may also want to send yourself an email to compare the received HTML with the original, since issues like this usually result from the sending application modifying the HTML during the send process.

Elwin answered 1 week ago

Has this issue been addressed already? I’m having this issue when sending the exported HTML through the Pardot e-mail client as well.

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