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Lukas asked 7 months ago

At the moment you can assign a display condition to a row. But in order to make use of some fancy Liquid templating options or give parsing information it would really help to be able to wrap columns with code.

I think adding a display condition to columns should do the trick.

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Matt Weber answered 6 months ago

Hi Lukas,

I have submit this request to the product team.

Matt Weber answered 6 months ago

Hi Lukas,

Can you please open a ticket to discuss this use case? It seems like there could be several layout and rendering problems with a conditional column, and I’d like to understand the use case better.

Lukas answered 6 months ago

Hi Matt,

Sure thing, to be honest we have solved it at the moment in a pretty nice way. But I do think that adding it at a column level would give us other great options for the future so I am still opening the ticket.

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