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Steve Rittler asked 2 years ago

Are you considering adding in support for custom color palettes similar to how you\’re handling font stacks?It would be awesome if we could seed the colors in the color picker control with a client\’s preferred colors so they don\’t have to look them up or key in the hex codes every time.

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Matt Weber answered 2 years ago

Hi Steve,

Yes, I believe this topic is being discussed for a future version, but I think it’s too early to get a timeline from the product team. I suggest checking back with us in January, and hopefully we can provide a better idea at that time.

Steve Rittler answered 12 months ago

Any further discussion on this? I have a client who would love to set a default text color for their emails so the content folks wouldn’t have to remember to set it every time they add a new text block to the message.

Massimo Arrigoni answered 12 months ago

Yes, we are actually working on this feature "as we speak" 🙂

We should have a BETA for you to test out by the end of September.

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