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Chad asked 1 year ago

It would seem that dark mode for different OS’s is going to be a cumbersome problem to tackle as most of our users are designing for the assumption the background is default white and the OS isn’t going to be shifting any colors around on them without their knowledge.

This feels like it could be a very complex issue with not only the operating system possibly making decisions about dark mode appearance, but also the mail client that is detecting dark mode enabled.

Is Bee planning or preparing any tools to help mitigate these issues?

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Connor answered 1 year ago

Hi Chad, sorry for the late response.

Due to the nature of how dark modes work, this is something that would be difficult to address from our side, as "dark mode" is essentially the email client taking the HTML code and modifying it of its own volition. This also means that a "dark mode" render in one email client could be different from a "dark mode" render in another client.

That being said, we are currently exploring the possibility of providing dark mode previews in our editor, to help mitigate the amount of errors that might arise due to these changes.

In the meantime, I believe some services such as Litmus provide previews for some dark modes. Due to how dark modes work, you could also circumvent problems by making the sections of your template that you want to remain a certain color an image, as dark modes do not touch images. If you are familiar with coding, you could also simply attach !important to your stylings, which would "solve" the issue (by virtue of preventing the user from using dark mode on your email).

I hope this helps!

Chad answered 1 year ago

Thanks, I am aware that litmus has a tool but it didn’t seem like they had a "plugin" variant of the service like Bee does that we could bring the functionality into our tool. And our users are not going to be able to take the html elsewhere on their own. We keep it away from them because they can’t be trusted to do it well. Thus our use of Bee plugin.

At the same time, your comment on attaching !important declarations on css styles doesn’t seem to be a likely solution, as Bee is generating the end html and I don’t see it in the UI to make, for example, a row background color important. Am I wrong?

Stated again, our users are not always top web designers and pulling assets together for their emails can be a struggle. So anything that Bee can add as a feature would be helpful to mitigate the dark mode problem. So take this as a vote for the feature request 🙂

Hugo Lagotti answered 7 months ago

Hi, do you plan to do any dark mode upgrade where we don’t have problems with mail clients like Gmail? The problem is that it totally changes the colors and if I put as a background image the text keeps changing it… any news, I see that the last response was 7 months ago

Thank you very much.

team_bee answered 7 months ago

Hi Hugo,

It’s difficult to prevent all issues with dark mode (as the email client takes the HTML and post-processes it itself), but we are aiming to provide better indications of what your template will look like under the effects of dark mode, such as in our Preview.

Xavier answered 1 month ago


Wouldn’t it be possible to add basic settings for the darkmode using CSS

@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {

/ Basic CSS changes such as Background Text color,… /


I can imagine a box in the setting area allowing us to make these changes even if the render cannot play them

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