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Steve Hall asked 6 months ago

Are there any plans to incorporate markup for Goggle’s AMP email format?

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Matt Weber answered 6 months ago

Hi Steve,

We we’ve been monitoring the situation since the AMP Beta. As of the annoucment this week, our product team is reviewing compatiblity. Please feel free to check back with us in a few weeks.

Nishant Bafna answered 3 months ago

Hi Matt,

Is there an update on creating AMP emails through BEE Plugin?



Adam answered 1 week ago

+1 to Nishant’s question.

Massimo Arrigoni answered 1 week ago

Hello everyone! AMP is high on our radar. We’re just finishing up a couple of other important updates, and then we’ll be dedicating time to it. Thanks for being patient with us. We’ll get there soon!

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