Francisco asked 9 months ago

Let’s say I call the onSave method or onSaveAsTemplate. can we add an extra parameter to one of those functions that would allow the user to save the image represention of the template they are working on? Or can you guys give us on option to convert the template to an image somehow.

The case scenerio would be to save templates into a database with the path of the template’s image. That way on the UI we can display the template with an representaion of the template.

please advise if something like this would be possible. currently was trying to use html2canvas but it won’t work since the editor is inside of an iframe.

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Matt Weber answered 9 months ago

Our Message Services API (Gold Pan, or above) supports generating images and PDFs.

You can also use PhantomJS, Puppeteer, canvas, or many other libraries available for free.

I hope this helps, but let me know if you need more information.

Francisco answered 9 months ago

Hey Matt thanks for the suggestions.

Which one would be best to capture a screenshot of the template. My main issue is that the editor is inside of an iframe. So which one would be able to take a screenshot of the page regarless of an iframe?

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