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Karsten asked 1 year ago

At this moment it appears that images cannot be organized into different folders if already uploaded.

It would be really great if users could organize their images in this way, e.g. "move to folder" on selected images.

Are there any plans for introducing this feature?

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Matt Weber answered 1 year ago

Hi Karsten,

This limitation is to protect the integrity of previously sent emails. i.e. If you move an image the URL would change, and therefore emails previously sent would have broken images.

Haylie W answered 2 months ago

Hello Matt,

It will take a lot of programming and hard work, but will we ever have the capabilities to do that and beefree update the bread crumbs? If not, it would be highly beneficial to have a lot of banners or pop-ups clarifying that uploads cannot be moved. Maybe suggest to create a folder before uploading.

Thank you so much, Matt!

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