DiscussCategory: Editor configurationsIs it possible to change the name of ShareOn mergeTag?
David Rodríguez asked 10 months ago


I want to know if exists some configuration in BEE that permit to change the name of mergeTag used by social componentes (ShareON). For example, i need to change it from [ShareOn] to {MY_URL}.

Or this is only possible by programming replace?


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Matt Weber answered 10 months ago

Hi David,

I want to make sure that I understand 100%. Is [ShareOn] a merge tag you are using in your configuration, or are you refering to something else?

Dylan Pearce answered 9 months ago

I would also like to know if this is possible.

The social sharing textbox automatically populates with [ShareOn] – is there a way to change what will go here by default?

Matt Weber answered 9 months ago

Hi Dylan, thank you for the details. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to change labels or placeholders. Replacing the default text is on our list, but not yet on our short-term roadmap. Once the feature is scheduled you can receive an update via this page:

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