DiscussCategory: General questionsNot creating Directories correctly after update to beefree V3
Ronaldo asked 2 weeks ago

Hi, I’m having problems when creating directories in the user album after the last update on August 26th.

Sometimes everything goes fine, but most of the time, the directories are being created only in the root path with the folder name mixed with the current directory.

In the bellow example, I have this root folder "fcf30be9836484783e855f20fa84cb6b" that represents my user ID, and when I try to create a directory called "dir-one", a request is done to beefree cloudstorage concatenating the names, and then, a folder called "fcf30be9836484783e855f20fa84cb6bdir-one" is created in the root path.! [x-bee-fsp-directory: /fcf30be9836484783e855f20fa84cb6bdir-one/] (

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