DiscussCategory: Feature requestspreventClose always asks even if not dirty
Tim Hall asked 2 weeks ago

Its very annoying and confusing for users to close the browser and have that warning pop up. I implemented my own using onChange and setting various flags, but that only partially works as beeFree only sends the onChange when a block loses focus, andjthat doesnt seem to include the close button (in chromium browsers).

Can we fix that prompt behaviour and/or provide some better interacion apis like "isDirty" which would force the block to update and return if its dirty or not. As it stands i had to disable yours and hope that people dont close without saving

I am running beefree in a chrome window started with –app="urlToPge" with chrome remote debugging to detect when the window is closed to return control to .Net app, since v3 put the kibosh on IE11/WebBrowser control in windows apps and WebView is not quite ready for primetime yet. So my control on unload is very limited.

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