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Timothy Hall asked 2 weeks ago

I implemented a docuement history similar to google docs, using the autosave and track changes and thats working pretty well, but in order to preview the autosaves, i have to backlup the current JSON, load that json and force the editor into preview mode, quite a bit of a hack and a bit jugly with the editor changing content (and to load a subsequent autosave i have to close the preview, load the next json, reload the preview as the preview doesnt update automatically)

If we could get a beeInstance.previewJSON(jsonString) method that gave a preview without having to muck around with the current content that would be awesome (maybe even with a boolean option to hide the X button as i manage that aspect with a Restore Version / Close option in my own toolbar), probably also a boolean supplied the onTogglePreview event to tell us what preview mode is open as well wodul be nice.

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