DiscussCategory: Feature requestsRespect column settings on mobile without defaulting to multiple rows
Katelyn asked 10 months ago

When using a two-element row, where one element uses 25% of the row width and the other uses the remaining 75% , the content sits side-by-side on desktop, but is broken up into two rows on mobile. Our intent is to have the same experience between desktop and mobile, with the content remaining in two side-by-side columns within the same row, however we don’t seem to have any options to enforce this.

Is this the intended behavior? If so, it is surprising to enforce multiple rows without an option to preserve the desktop experience in mobile by simply scaling down the content appropriately.

Note the settings for the first image here (we have disabled auto-width and have NOT selected full width on mobile):

first image

Here we have enabled auto-width but still left full width on mobile unchecked:

second image

This is what the row looks like on desktop, as we expect:

desktop result

But this is what it looks like on mobile (note that the second image is full mobile width due to the auto-width setting, but now it has a much bigger space to fill):

mobile result

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