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Jacob Raymer asked 3 years ago

We are implementing the Bee Plugin. I am able to get the HTML file but when I look at it, it has a bunch of slashes added where quotes and such are. This is causing images and dividers to not show.

How do I convert your HTML file to plan HTML that can be sent with PHP?

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Jacob Raymer answered 3 years ago

I was able to work it out. I am working in a WordPress environment. I would get the HTML file just fine but when I pass it to my functions.php file it had the html special characters. I had to use the PHP strip slashes before sending it using the PHP mail function.

matteo.santagata answered 3 years ago

Hello Jacob,

can you please attach the HTML you’re having problems with?

BEE Plugin ouputs a plain valid HTML file that should need no other modifications in order to send it with PHP or other methods.

Let us know!


matteo.santagata answered 3 years ago

Thanks for sharing your solution, Jacob!

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