Beautiful, responsive emails, landing pages & pop-ups

You can now embed into your Web application an email editor that will make your users smile. Enjoyed by over 1,000,000 people at, it makes building great-looking, mobile-ready emails a breeze. And there is also a page builder, and popup builder version to create fantastic landing pages, and popups, quick and easy!


Insert content elements, move them, change message structure, drag images directly from your desktop.

A breeze to use

A user experience that feels just right: the result of several years of work and thousands of active users.

Designer friendly

From padding to borders, from buttons to background colors: deep design flexibility.


A free version so you can embed the Beefree editor anywhere, regardless of pricing model.

Embedded in no time

Beefree SDK is a React web plugin, easily and quickly embeddable in your SaaS application. Lots of code samples will get you going in no time.

Minutes not weeks

Sample code to get started


State-of-the-art app auth

Custom storage

Use ours or connect to yours

Super tested

For email clients compatibility

Merge tags

Pass merge tags to the editor

Special links

Eg using your unsub link syntax


Configurable autosave & more


Embedded in thousand of SaaS applications

Let's get started!

What now? Embedding the Beefree builder into your application is quick and easy. Let’s do it!

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