AddOns Overview

Why AddOns?

From the moment Beefree’s first email builder was released to the public, people started asking for new “things” to be available in the Content tab, so that they would be able to do more with the drag-and-drop editor.

Like inserting a countdown timer in a promotional email, or a QR code in an event ticket reminder, or live weather on a landing page.

They wanted to be able to go from this…

… to this:

… so that additional features are available in Beefree’s editors to build richer emails, landing pages, popups, and other digital content.

Everybody wins

Beefree SDK is used by over 600 software companies in all kinds of industries. Through their applications, hundreds of thousands of marketers create countless emails and landing pages, which reach millions of people.

With AddOns, richer emails and landing pages can be created, and everybody wins:

  • The people that receive those emails or view those pages, have a better experience.

  • The marketers that create them, have more ways to engage their audience.

  • The applications that embed Beefree’s builders can give those marketers better tools.

  • The AddOn providers reach more marketers through those apps.

  • And all of the above creates an overall more successful community around Beefree.

Types of AddOns

You can either use AddOns that have been built by other companies or build new ones.

If you wish to build an AddOn, you can either build an AddOn that’s just for you, and one that is available to any application that uses Beefree SDK. We call the former Custom AddOns, and the latter Partner AddOns, as companies partner with us to extend the core functionality of Beefree’s content builders.

Custom AddOns

This feature is available on Beefree SDK's Superpowers plan and above. If you're on the Core or Essentials plan, upgrade a development application for free to try this and other Superpowers-level features.

To add your own content tiles to the Content tab in a Beefree editor, you will need to develop a Custom AddOn.

For example, say your application is an event marketing system and you want your users to be able to drag-n-drop a QR code into an email. The QR code is generated by your event marketing system when the email is sent. The feature only works for your application. That’s a Custom AddOn.

For details on developing Custom AddOns, see AddOn Development.

This is an advanced feature that requires the Superpowers plan. Of course, you can test it in a development environment at no extra charge, if you wish to do so.

Partner AddOns

This feature is available on Beefree SDK's paid plans only.

There is a growing library of Partner AddOns for Beefree SDK customers, and there are more in the works. All these AddOns are available in a public directory inside the Beefree SDK Console. Application developers that have embedded a Beefree builder are able to quickly select and install any of those AddOns.

Interested in partnering with us? Learn how to submit a Partner AddOn.

Using vs. building AddOns

Using AddOns

Here is how you can locate and install ready-to-go AddOns:

  • Access the directory from within the Beefree SDK Console, from the Details page of any application that you have created.

  • Browse the list. These AddOns can help your end-users with things like countdown timers, dynamic maps, personalized cards, etc.

  • Install any AddOn with just a few clicks. Please note that some AddOns will require that you become a customer of the AddOn provider and obtain an API key.

For more, see Using AddOns.

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