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Welcome to the Beefree SDK technical documentation for developers!


Welcome to the Beefree SDK technical documentation!

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in integrating our embeddable builders into your software. Beefree SDK is a versatile content creation platform that includes three distinct visual content builders, a file management UI, and a series of APIs that help you create engaging, delightful, productive content creation experiences for your customers.

The builders include an Email Builder, a Page Builder, and a Popup Builder. Each of these builders is designed to meet specific content creation needs, allowing you to offer a tailored content creation experience to your customers. They can be easily integrated into your application in a matter of minutes.

In addition to our drag-and-drop editors, we also offer a standalone File Manager application, which can be used alongside any of the builders. The File Manager is specifically designed to simplify the organization and management of digital assets, which might happen outside of a content editing session.

Finally, the Content Services API allows you to perform a number of tasks (e.g. refreshing the HTML for a certain asset) and add features to your application (e.g. converting an email to a PDF document). We continue to release new API methods to help you enrich and personalize the content design experience for your customers.

Beefree Email Builder

An email editor that makes building gorgeous, mobile-ready emails a breeze.

Beefree Page Builder

A delightful tool to design beautiful, effective landing pages in minutes, without writing a single line of code.

Beefree Popup Builder

An easy to deploy, true WYSIWYG solution for designing standout popups.

Beefree File Manager

An image and document management UI that can be launched as a standalone application, in order to allow your customers to quickly upload or manage assets, without having to load one of the builders.

About this documentation

These products share the same, unique combination of design flexibility and ease of use. Please note that all of the documentation in this site applies to all builders (and in many cases to the File Manger too), unless otherwise specified.

As you will gradually discover, Beefree SDK also offers great liberty in how you can integrate it with your application, and we are here to support you along the way.

Let’s get started!

Beefree SDK used to be called BEE Plugin. We changed the name to separate our embeddable applications (content builders, file manager, ...) from the rest of our developer tools (APIs, sample code, etc.). You might still see the word "plugin" used at times in the documentation and sample code: if you do, know that it refers to an embeddable application, not the entire set of Beefree developer tools.

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