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Welcome to the Beefree SDK technical documentation!

Overview of Beefree SDK

Beefree SDK is a toolkit that offers a comprehensive set of features to enable your application's end users to achieve their design goals. Through embedding Beefree SDK into your application, you'll provide your end users with access to a full suite of design features that include the following and more:

  • Email builder: A no-code interactive and guided experience that supports your end users in creating beautiful and stunning emails quickly.

  • Page builder: A no-code intuitive experience that guides your end users through how to create visually stunning landing pages they can use to present information, embed forms, and capture critical data points to make data-driven decisions.

  • Popup builder: A unique no-code experience that provides your end users with the fundamentals of creating popups that grab and maintain attention.

  • File manager: A tool to manage media assets (images, PDFs, and so on).

  • Template catalog: A catalog of design templates that integrate industry best practices to support end users in getting across the finish line with their creations fast, and achieving quick design wins.

  • Custom AddOns: Expand your application's offering by developing your own Custom AddOns on top of our comprehensive suite of features.

  • AI Writing Assistant: A helpful AI assistant to help end users write their design content.

These builders can easily integrate into your application in a matter of minutes. Browse the latest sample code, implementation guides, and other available features in this documentation.

Beefree SDK's Embeddable Builders

Learn more about our three embeddable builders.

File Manager

In addition to our drag-and-drop editors, we also offer a standalone File Manager application, which can be used alongside any of the builders. The File Manager is specifically designed to simplify the organization and management of digital assets, which might happen outside of a content editing session. It is an image and document management user interface that can be launched as a standalone application. This allows your customers to quickly upload or manage assets, without having to load one of the builders.

Learn more about our File Manager and File Storage Options.

Customize Your Application with AddOns

Learn more about how our builder AddOns can help you customize your application's offerings.

Content Services API and Template Catalog API

The Content Services API allows you to perform a number of tasks (e.g. refreshing the HTML for a certain asset) and add features to your application (e.g. converting an email to a PDF document). We continue to release new API methods to help you enrich and personalize the content design experience for your customers.

The Template Catalog API enables you to incorporate design templates into your application. With this API, you can browse, retrieve, and utilize a variety of pre-designed templates to enhance your user's content creation experience. It gives you the flexibility to offer customized design solutions directly within your platform.

Learn more about Content Services API and Template Catalog API.

Sample Code

Browse our sample code to experiment and gain hands-on experience. Get up and running quickly with a simple implementation.

Developer Essentials

Get your free Client ID and Client Secret in the Developer Console to get started. Experiment with customizing a configuration in the playground. When you're ready, install Beefree SDK.

About this documentation

These products share the same, unique combination of design flexibility and ease of use. Note that the majority of the documentation applies to all builders (and in many cases to the File Manger too), unless otherwise specified.

If you need support at any point throughout your integration, contact us. We are here to support you along the way.

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