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Custom CSS

This feature is available on Beefree SDK Superpowers plan and above. If you're on the Core or Essentials plan, upgrade a development application for free to try this and other Superpowers-level features.

Defining a custom look & feel through a CSS stylesheet

customCss: ''

Using different values for different users of the editor

customCss: '' + users[config.user].id + '.css'

Best practices and risk management

Custom CSS is an advanced feature, which gives the host application great flexibility to customize the UI/UX of the editor.
Please use this feature with caution.
When used properly, it is a powerful tool that can be leveraged to accomplish anything from applying custom styles with fine granularity to changing icons.
When misused, however, it may harm the user experience and the rendering capability of the editor’s stage. For example, styles applied to the stage via CSS will not be reflected in the preview or exported HTML.
If you're looking to hide certain UI elements, we recommend you first check if that can be accomplished with Advanced Permissions, as it may be easier to implement.
For the best possible results, please follow these best practices:
  • Avoid using generic global styles. (e.g. *, p, input, etc.) that could propagate to the editing stage.
  • Use CSS selectors to select specific elements and groups (e.g. body.bee–cs h3).
  • Do not attempt to pass JavaScript or any other scripts via CSS.
  • Ensure the custom CSS URL is hosted over HTTPS.
  • Do not link to CSS files hosted on GitHub, or by any 3rd party.
  • Never style elements on the stage, since those styles will not appear in the final HTML, and therefore lead to a confusing user experience.
Please note that classnames with the --cs suffix are reliable selectors for customCSS. Other selectors such as the following should be avoided as much as possible:
  • Nested tag structure (e.g. div > div > div )
  • Siblings (input + label)
  • Classnames without –cs (e.g. .icons__item)
  • Prefixed classname selectors (e.g. div[class^="StageModuleIcons_itemRow"])

Sample Custom CSS Theme
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