Custom Tab Layout

This feature is available on Beefree SDK Core plan and above. If you're on the Essentials plan, upgrade a development application for free to try this and other Core-level features.

Setting the default tab

The default tab configuration option lets the host application decide which content should be visible first in the sidebar when the editor is loaded.

In Beefree SDK v2, the default tab is the Content tab and this behavior could not be changed. It’s still the behavior that we recommend for most scenarios.

However, apps that rely heavily on pre-built custom rows, or saved row libraries, may now choose to highlight the Rows tab, using the following configuration options.

Available Options:

  • content

  • rows

  • settings

var beeConfig = {
        uid: config.uid,
        defaultTab: 'content',

Changing the tab order

Building upon the default tab configuration option, in Beefree SDK v3 you may also re-organize the way tabs are ordered.

var beeConfig = {
        uid: config.uid,
        defaultTabsOrder: ['content', 'settings', 'rows'],

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