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Many digital marketing campaigns start with an attention-grabbing popup. In fact, many such campaigns include a popup, a landing page, and one or more emails.

  • A cool popup highlights something that the reader may be interested in

  • A landing page provides more information and includes some sort of signup form

  • Emails are sent to follow up.

Emails, pages, popups: three pillars of all sorts of digital marketing initiatives. Since Email Builder and Page Builder were already part of the Beefree SDK family, the natural next step was to create a Popup Builder. So here it is! This new version of the builder brings effortless popup creation inside your application.

Why Popups?

A popup is a small window that appears on a website visitor’s screen, asking for an email address in the most basic interaction or other actionable messages when using more sophisticated strategies (targeted promotions, social evidence messages, shopping cart recovery, etc.).

Popups are one of the most used online marketing tools. When done right, they capture visitors’ attention at the right moment, and push them forward in the customer journey. Despite attracting criticism in the past because they create a barrier between visitors and content, there’s plenty of evidence that they work. They will continue to play a strong part in any modern-day marketing strategy. Read our blog entry if you’re interested in learning more.

With this in mind, we have developed an embeddable solution for designing popups that you can easily deploy because:

  • it’s built from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with your application;

  • it’s easy to use, offers tons of design flexibility, and builds upon the same UX your customers already know from our Email & Page Builders;

  • all data stays in your application, and you don’t have to ask your customers to use 3rd party tools for building popups. You can leverage our Form block to add forms to popups

Sample workflow

In terms of packaging the final output, Beefree SDK takes care of the Popup design and returns a solid HTML output ready to be injected on a website. On top of that, you can enrich the building experience by creating a workflow that will add to that output:

  • Showing/closing behavior (e.g. display after N seconds, exit intent)

  • “Additional” styles, for things like

    • Close button

    • Border radius

    • Drop shadows

The good thing: you can pass additional styles to your application, so they will reflect into the editing experience. You will then take the HTML produced by Beefree SDK and apply these styles for the final output.

Main features

Our drag&drop experience, loved by millions of users

There are over 4,500,000 sessions of our drag-n-drop email & landing page builders every month, across hundreds of applications around the world. Popup builder brings the same, great user experience that transforms non-designers in masterful content creators.

What you see is what you get...finally for Popups

You can load your customers' website home page as a background, so they can design a popup in the exact context where it will be used. And with Mobile design mode, your users are one click awaying to seeing and perfecting how the popup looks on mobile devices.

Designed to fit any configuration workflow

Position, size, background color, and more. Customize the builder each time to match how your customer configured their popup inside your application. What this means for you is flexibility, peace of mind, and implementation speed.

Ready-to-go HTML output

Get a solid HTML output ready to be injected on your customer’s website. Your application controls the display and behavior conditions, Beefree SDK takes care of the content.

Drop personalized content in popups, in minutes

Personalization is the secret weapon to attract any audience. With Merge tags and Display conditions your customers can show the right message at the right time, with use cases like product recommendations and personalized discount codes.

Speed up the creation process with shared and pre-made assets

Your customers will never have to recreate the same content over and over again. They can apply the same saved rows already available for emails, landing pages or other popups. Plus, you may also provide custom rows with ready-made dynamic content like coupon codes and best-selling items.

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