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Here is a list of terms used frequently throughout the Beefree SDK technical documentation. Things can get a bit tricky when embedding a software application within another software application, so this page is an attempt to create as much clarity as possible. We hope we find it useful. If anything sounds confusing or if you have any suggestions for improvement, please contact us.

Frequently used terms

  • Beefree SDK A toolkit that includes white-label, no-code builders for emails, landing pages, and popups. The toolkit also provides a range of components, APIs, sample code, and support services to help you seamlessly integrate into your software a content creation workflow that your customers will love.

  • Beefree SDK subscription A subscription to the Beefree SDK. There are different subscription plans, starting with a Free plan. Once you have a subscription, you can create one or more Beefree applications.

  • Beefree application An instance of any of the no-code tools that can be embedded in your software. They include:

    • Email Builder

    • Page Builder

    • Popup Builder

    • File Manager

  • Beefree SDK Console A multi-user administration panel where you can sign up for a Beefree SDK subscription, manage the subscription, and create and configure a Beefree application within a subscription.

  • Production application An instance of a Beefree application used in your production environment.

  • Development application An instance of a Beefree application used for development, QA or staging environments. You can create multiple, development applications under a production application.

  • Host application Your software application, which will host one or more Beefree applications.

  • Beefree system The backend system that interacts with your Beefree application to provide services such as application authorization.

  • Content Services API A set of API methods in the Beefree system that allow you to perform a variety of tasks connected to the implementation of a content creation workflow.

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