Set up two-factor authentication


Setting up two-factor authentication will keep your developer account extra secure. Two-factor authentication means that users will need to provide two different identifications to log in to their Beefree SDK Console: their regular login credentials, and a token generated by a two-factor authentication app.

When 2FA is set up, users will need to:

Setup for Account owners

If you’re an account owner (i.e. the user who created the Beefree SDK account), you may require all account users to use two-factor authentication to log in. To do so, go to the Setting & Security section in your personal area and enable Require two-factor authentication at login.

After saving the setting, you will be prompted to scan a QR code with a 2FA application to generate a security token to complete the setup.

When this setting is ON:

  • every user will need to enter an authentication token, generated with a 2FA mobile app, to log into the account;

  • when you create a new user, the 2FA toggle will be set to ON by default.

When adding or editing a user, you may also decide to turn on or off 2FA for that user, in order to:

  • turn on 2FA, when 2FA is OFF at the account level;

  • turn off 2FA, when 2FA is ON at the account level.

Setup for Account admins

If 2FA is OFF at the account level, additional users, i.e. admins, can turn on 2FA for themselves, for their peace of mind. They can go to the “Profile” section of their personal area and turn it on.

Instead, if 2FA is ON at the account level, admins cannot turn it off from the “Profile” page and must contact their account owner.

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