Manage Users

Learn how to manage users within the Beefree SDK Developer Console.

Manage users in the Console

You can invite additional users to your Beefree SDK Console. To do so, go to Manage users from the personal menu in the top right.

The user that initially created the account is identified as the account owner and can add users from this page.

Additional users will be identified as admins. The owner may limit access to certain production apps when creating or editing an admin.

The account owner has these additional privileges, compared to admins:

  • add, edit or delete users, as described above;

  • turn on two-factor authentication, using tokens provided by mobile apps like Google Authenticator or Authy. 2FA can be enabled either for specific users, or account-wide from the Settings & Security section in the personal area (learn how to set up 2FA for your account);

  • change the company’s name, also in Settings & Security.

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