Server-side options


Besides the client-side configuration parameters that you can set for your instance of Beefree SDK, you also can specify some server-side configuration options.

Access Server-side Configurations

To access server-side configurations, log into your Beefree SDK Console and select the application that you wish to configure.

In the application’s details page, locate the area called Application configuration.

Manage roles is used to manage user roles. For details on this feature, see “user roles and permissions“.

Click on Open configuration to manage the server-side settings like:

  • Toolbar options: affect the UI of the editor

  • Storage options: determine where the File Manager will store & retrieve images

  • Content options: define whether certain content elements (e.g. HTML block) are active or inactive

  • Service options: define whether additional services (e.g. photo search) are active or inactive

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