Content options

In this box, you can enable additional content blocks that will appear in the Content panel inside the editor.

Currently, you can manage these content blocks:

Available Content Blocks

BlockDescriptionAvailabilityUser guide


Allows your users to include their own HTML code

Paid plans only


Allows users to create simple, text-based navigation elements

All plans, including free


Allows users to add text with H1,H2,H3 tags, for email and web accessibility, and for SEO on web pages.

All plans, including free


Allows users to create easy numbered and bullet lists with Paragraph’s upgrades and list type, spacing, and identation support.

All plans, including free


Allows users to write text with support for multiple font weights, copy/paste support, easier reformatting, and more.

All plans, including free


Legacy text block. Please refer to title, paragraph and list.

All plans, including free


Helps users include a visual link to video content

Paid plans only


Enables users to create icon-based layouts, such as star ratings, bullet lists, properties

All plans, including free


Allows users to add a space between content

All plans, including free


Allows users to add a table to their design

All plans

Content options in Page Builder

If you’re configuring a Page Builder application, there are a few differences in what these blocks allow:

  • the HTML Block also allows script and iframe tags;

  • the Video block allows for video playback, either embedding a YouTube, YouTube Shorts, or Vimeo video or pointing to a hosted video (read more). Supported video formats are:

    • YouTube (16:9 aspect ratio)

      • Public Videos

      • Unlisted Videos

      • Videos starting at a certain time

    • YouTube Shorts (16:9 aspect ratio)

    • Vimeo

      • Public Videos

      • Unlisted Videos

      • Cinemascope (21:9 aspect ratio)

  • the Menu block allows menu items to be set as “internal links,” pointing to any content block in the page that is configured as a “block identifier.”

There is also an additional option for turning on the Form block.

Please note that you need to implement one of the two methods indicated in this article for the Form tile to appear in the Content tab of the editor:

AMP Content

You can enable AMP blocks that will become available in the “Content” tab of your application's Email Builder. To enable this feature, toggle on Enable AMP Carousel in the AMP Content section of your application's configuration options.

We currently provide an AMP Carousel content block. After enabling the toggle, you will need to configure an AMP-compatible workspace.

Please note that AMP content is not available for Page Builder.

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