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Toolbar options

Please note that server-side configurations are only available on paid plans.

Toolbar Options

In the Toolbar Options tab you can:
  • control individual settings that affect the top toolbar in the builder
  • decide whether to hide the toolbar completely
The toolbar contains all the actions not related directly with content edition, like save, send a test or preview.
You can decide the inner elements from it, from hiding our brand to removing the save button, to create the builder version that better fits in your application.
Not enough? Remove the toolbar completely and offer all the actions with your own UI elements.

Remove Toolbar and Create Custom UI Elements

For example, in our MailUp App for Shopify, we hide the toolbar completely and control the builder (Show preview, Send test, Save) from buttons in the app UI (not in the builder). Here is how it looks.
If you decide to go this route, use the methods from this page to control the builder from your UI.
Show toolbar
Is the main option: if is not active, the elements listed bellow get hidden
Show Beefree SDK logo
Show our logo and links our site
Show preview
Trigger the preview window
Show send test
Trigger the function for sending a test
Show save as template
Is used to save only the editable version of the message
Show save button
If you don’t have a external one, better not to hide this 🙂
Show auto-save icon
This tiny icon alert the user every time the auto-save works
Show help link
This option is special, because you can also introduce your custom help URL
Show Multi-Language Templates
Use this to enable a custom top bar that allows the end user to change the language.