File System Provider errors

Example Response

{"code":3200,"message":"Resource Not Found","details":"http:\/\/\/docs\/errorcodes\/404"}

Error Codes

Code Message HTTP Status Details
3001 FSP Error 503 Service Unavailable Default generic FSP Error
3100 Something went wrong accessing backend filesystem 503 Service Unavailable Default generic Error
3200 Resource not found 404 Not Found File or directory not found
3300 Permission denied 403 Forbidden Permission denied to access a file or a directory
3400 Resource Already Exists 409 Conflict File or directory already exists
3450 File Not Uploaded 422 Unprocessable Entity Error during file upload
3500 Request Error 400 Bad Request Server could not understand the request due to invalid syntax
3600 User Error 403 Forbidden Not a valid S3 custom storage
3650 Wrong Username or Password 401 Unauthorized Wrong user credentials
from 3900 to 3999 Custom error message Custom HTTP status code  

Displaying custom errors from your FSP API

You can return custom errors from your application that will be displayed in the file manager.

To do that we reserved codes from 3900 to 3999.
An error sent with an error code number in this range displays the message as the error title and the details as the error text.


  1. Your file storage doesn’t support file names with the character “?”
  2. The front end doesn’t stop the upload, as this character is allowed by other APIs and storages
  3. When your API gets the file, returns the following error:
    Code: 39105
    HTTP Status: 400
    Message: Upload error
    Details: The file name is not allowed. Please make sure it does not contain one or more of these characters: \ / < > ? |
  4. The file manager inside the editor displays: