Page Builder overview

  1. Building web pages with Beefree SDK
  2. Testing and integrating the Page Builder
  3. The experience
  4. Additional resources

Building web pages with Beefree SDK

Beefree SDK Page Builder will help your customers create beautiful, responsive landing pages, complete with forms and embedded videos. Combined with our Email Builder, you’ll have the power to deliver to your customers a single, optimized user experience for designing both emails and web pages.

With the Page Builder, your customers can create landing pages and one page sites with the same, easy-to-use features they know and love. Most Beefree SDK features are available both for Email and Page Builder. For example, you can leverage Custom Rows so that users can add content from external feeds, or have people collaborate on a landing page template with Commenting and Collaborative editing. This also means that if you already integrated any of those features for emails, you can add them for web pages in no time.

In addition, you will find exclusive features that make sense for web pages, such as forms, embedded videos, and the ability to paste scripts, like an embeddable SurveyMonkey or Typeform survey.

Here are a few examples of web pages your customers can build with Beefree SDK:

    • Product showcase or teaser
    • Disclaimer (e.g. age verification)
    • Registration (e.g. events, gated content)
    • Newsletter subscription
    • Customer survey
    • Booking request
    • Portfolio

They can also create fantastic one page websites, i.e. sites where all the content usually spread in different pages fits nicely into an easy-to-scroll page, complete with menu and anchors to navigate it.

We are constantly improving the user experience: we see the Page Builder as a long-term, ongoing project at Beefree SDK.

Testing and integrating the Page Builder

When you create an application in the Beefree SDK Console, you’ll be asked to select either Page or Email Builder. Paid applications allow you to create child development applications, to ease new feature testing, development, and maintenance.

Page and Email builders share the same core functionalities, including authentication and configuration. If you already integrated our Email builder, you can re-use most of your work by using the same configuration and callbacks. If this is your first approach to our builders, just follow the Getting Started section in our documentation. All the documentation in this site applies to both products, except where noted.

All builders are available to Beefree SDK customers under the same all-in-one pricing. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more details.

The experience

We aim to provide the foundations needed to build a delightful page building experience. We started with the basic features that are already provided to design awesome email messages and tweaked them to work for Web pages.

Once launched as Page Builder, an application will have a few but noticeable differences from the Email builder experience:

  • width for pages can be expanded up to 1440px;
  • the stage can be scrolled horizontally;
  • the sidebar can be collapsed to provide more workspace – useful when working with larger widths;
  • there’s a new 6-columns row layout, to take advantage of larger widths;
  • the preview includes viewport resize, to test responsiveness on various screen sizes;
  • the HTML block allows using scripts, for improved compatibility with embedded content like surveys. This also includes Javascript, although it cannot be executed within the builder.



If you’re on a paid plan, you will also get support for forms and embedded videos.

  • You can define and pass forms to the builder, and use the form content block to retrieve and style those forms.
  • You can use the video content block to embed and playback videos hosted on Youtube and Vimeo, or point to a hosted video in MP4 format.

Additional resources

Managing forms with the Page Builder

A quick primer on how to include forms in a web page.

Embedding videos in a page

Introduction to the Video content block for web pages.

Developer resources on GitHub

Our Github account hosts useful resources, including sample code to quick start your integrations.