Sample Code

  1. A prototype in 2 minutes
  2. Embedding the builder
  3. File system provider

A prototype in 2 minutes

Using this simple, client-side example, you can literally try out Beefree SDK in 2 minutes…

  1. Obtain your application keys (Client ID and Client Secretby signing up here (there is a free plan).
  2. Create a new application: you will find your keys in the project’s details page
  3. Download the client-side sample code.
  4. Open index.html with your favorite code editor
  5. Locate client_id and replace “YOUR_CLIENT_ID” with yours
  6. Locate client_secret and replace “YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET” with yours
  7. Save the file
  8. Open it in your browser and get creative (smile)

Embedding the builder

Before using the code samples listed below in a production environment, please consider the following:

  1. Make sure you first sign up and get your application keys (Client ID and Client Secret).
  2. The client-side sample is not safe for a production environment (it was conceived as a quick way for you to test the application). Someone would be able to easily steal your application credentials (just viewing the source code of the page). To keep those credentials safe, authorization must be managed sever-side, as the .NET sample does.
  3. These code samples use a limited set of features and configurations: they can be a good starting point to start developing around Beefree SDK, but they are not an exhaustive showcase of everything you can do.
  4. All sample code is provided “as is”: it may contain defects, it may not follow best practices (although we try to!), and it should only be considered as point of reference.
Language Author Download
HTML/JS Beefree SDK Team
npm package Beefree SDK Team
Rails App Community contribution – Thanks!
PHP Community contribution – Thanks!
PERL5, Dancer Community contribution – Thanks!
Node.js Community contribution – Thanks!

File system provider

You can connect Beefree SDK to your own file system (e.g. to let users of your app find images where they already exist).

Language Author Download
Python (Django) / AWS Beefree SDK Team

Other languages coming soon!