Create an Application

Learn how to create an application within the Beefree SDK Developer Console.

Create an Application

The first step to embedding Beefree’s visual builders in your software is to sign up for a Beefree SDK account. Once that’s done, you will be able to log into the Beefree SDK Console. That’s where you will:

  • Create applications (e.g. an email builder and a landing page builder).

  • Create development apps for all sorts of dev, QA, or staging environments.

  • Configure them with both server-side and client-side configurations.

Whenever you create a new application, we will ask you to provide some general information so that they are easily recognizable for you in the Console. This only takes a few moments.

For each application, we will also provide you with a Client ID and Client secret, which you will use for authentication when you initialize it.

Go ahead and create your first application in the Beefree SDK Console.

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