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Roman asked 2 years ago

Is it possible to delete saved row via use interface?

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Guillermo Padilla answered 2 years ago

Hi Roman, all the saved rows management is up to the host application, as we don’t store any message or row in our systems.

Roman answered 2 years ago

I mean, delete button like save button, to initiate deletion.

Guillermo Padilla answered 2 years ago

Once added to the message, the user can delete it at any time using the delete button, but this action doesn’t delete the saved row from your application.

Manny Ju answered 1 year ago

Hey Guillermo,

Just wanted to continue this discussion thread as we have just recently signed on with the Silver plan and have already added the BEE Plug-in to our application.

As you’ve already mentioned, the BEE Plug-in does not have the ability to delete a saved row.

How do you recommend we implement a feature in our application that allows the user to delete a saved row? I’m looking in the online documentation and I don’t see any callback which would enable our application to notify the BEE Editor that a saved row has been deleted. Is there such a callback? How do you recommend we implement this ability?

Matt Weber answered 1 year ago

Hi Manny,

We are going to be improving the management capabilities, but currently the row management would be done on a seperate page within the host application. e.g. The user would click a button somewhere in the host application, and navigate to a UI for editing and deleting the saved rows. To edit a row, you would load the partial JSON into the editor, and to delete it you simply remove it from your data store. Then when they navigate back to the original template, the rows configuration would be re-loaded.

Omer answered 1 year ago

Hi Matt and Guillermo,

"We are going to be improving the management capabilities"

I’m guessing you will add a Delete Saved Row button in the Rows sidebar?

Is there a target date for this implementation?


Matt Weber answered 1 year ago

Hi Omer,

Our product team is still planning the UI/UX, but I will follow-up once have decided and/or there is an ETA. Currently, the row management should take place in the host application, such as via a button that says "Manage Rows" placed in the editor toolbar.

Livia answered 1 month ago


Is there any solutions for this issue already?

Thank you!

Marcel answered 1 week ago

How about now?

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