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Max asked 3 years ago

I noticed an issue when using the custom image file storage options. It works well when browsing for an image for the first time. By first time I mean (1) adding a new image component, and (2) clicking on the gray “Browse” button.

However, when one wants to change an image (so selecting an existing image in the emailing design and clicking on “Change image” in the side menu), we get the sad smiley face and and the message “No result found”.

In our backend I can see that both times the requests made by your server is the same. Our responses are identical as well.

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team_bee answered 3 years ago

In some cases we have seen the problem being that in the JSON response from the custom FSP, the field "mime-type" is not a valid mime type. For example:

Response from custom FSP:

"mime-type": "png",

This is not correct as "png" is not a valid mime-type.

Response expected:

"mime-type": "image/png",

An example of a complete list could be found here:

After correcting this problem, it should work fine.

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